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Why should you choose a psychoanalytic psychotherapist?

Because this form of analysis is not offering a superficial remedy. The pain caused by emotional conflicts is real and the states of mind associated with mental pain are often debilitating.

Because an analytical therapist looks at your problems in great depth and offers a different understanding of your personality, by acknowledging internal struggles, with, for example, the containment of extreme emotions, e.g., rage, sadness, jealous and loss. This approach takes time and care before coming to any formulation of a problem.

Because the outcome may mean you gain an insight into feelings and thoughts that you had previously not understood - this often brings a profound feeling of relief and relaxation, and gives you a stronger sense of who you are. This is usually the first step towards living a life that is truly one’s own.

We only have one life so getting to know yourself is crucial.

The psychoanalyst Wilfred Bion in his book 'Evidence' said:
"No one can tell you how you are to live your life, or what language you are to use
Therefore it is absolutely essential the the analyst should forge for himself
the language which he knows, which he knows how to use, and the value of which he knows".

You need to sure that the person you select as a therapist has developed a 'language' - has had a comprehensive training that allows them to know themselves, alongside a knowledge of the mind and how it works and, very importantly, has a knowledge of his or her own limitations.


NORTH LONDON PSYCHOTHERAPY in CROUCH END - in a safe and confidential setting - and surrounding areas in North London or Central London; near to ISLINGTON, HOLLOWAY, MUSWELL HILL, HIGHGATE and ARCHWAY. Nearest Tubes: FINSBURY PARK, ARCHWAY, HIGHGATE and TURNPIKE LANE

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