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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. North London Psychotherapy, Adult Individual Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Counselling and Supervision Service in Crouch End. Easily accessible from: Islington, Muswell Hill, Highgate, Hampstead, Upper Holloway, Holloway, Kentish Town, Camden and Euston. North London Psychotherapy

Adult Individual North London Psychotherapy. Crouch End

Registrant: British Psychoanalytic Council
Member: British Psychotherapy Foundation
Diagnostic Experience: NHS, British Performing Arts Medicine Trust

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: described by its originator, Sigmund Freud, as 'the talking cure', this treatment recognises the manner in which the mind conceals and retains feelings and thoughts that are too painful to the conscious mind. In the analytic setting, over time, and with the security of confidentiality within the analytic relationship, the mind is able to reveal its template.

Is this you? Are you looking to talk to a psychotherapist?
Are you feeling anxious or depressed?
Or, struggling with unwelcome thoughts, for e.g., feeling that you have done something that is wrong, so you are highly critical of you own thoughts, desires or actions.
Or, are you behaving in ways you find hard to control, e.g binge eating or restricting your eating (do you have a medical diagnosis as bulimic or anorexic?).
Or, are you having emotional outbursts, ending relationships suddenly, and feeling that you do not understand yourself or your actions?
Or, do you have negative thoughts about your own body and find that these thoughts preoccupy you?
Or, are you dealing with a bereavement and struggling with the reality of loss.
Or, dealing with the loss of a significant relationship, possibly an unexpected ending to a long-term relationship. Maybe one that has left you feeling betrayed or undervalued.
Or, you may be in the midst of a crisis in your professional working life and you are feeling desperate, and seeking resolution.
Or, are you trying to understand your sexuality, uncertain of whether you are interested in finding a partner of the same or opposite sex?
Or, do you feel unable to establish an enjoyable sexual life.
Or, do you have the concern to do with transgender identity?

Or, maybe, it is the case that none of the above applies to you but you are someone who has given a lot of thought to entering long-term psychoanalysis as you wish to gain a greater understanding of yourself and you are now ready to undertake the emotional and financial commitment?

The conversation offered in psychoanalytic psychotherapy can help with all of these issues as it helps a person to understand their problems by increasing their awareness of their inner world. Human beings are often unaware (unconscious) of why they act in repetitive ways (unhealthy or unhelpful ways). I specialise in the treatment of repetitive patterns of behaviour and troubling emotional states that are unhelpful.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Crouch End, North London
I am very experienced, having worked, after training, in this capacity for 20 years. I offer long-term, in-depth, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, often at a frequency of three times a week, to those patients who are able to use and benefit from the treatment, and a more supportive psychotherapy, or counselling, usually at a frequency of once a week, to individuals who are taking their first steps into the exploration of their inner life.

Clinical Supervision
I am a clinical supervisor offering supervision to organisations, individual psychoanalytic psychotherapists, psychiatrists in training, therapists and counsellors.

I am in North London, based in Crouch End, very close to the Clock Tower. Within easy reach of Finsbury Park, Holloway, Archway, Highgate, Hampstead, Muswell Hill. The Victoria line makes travel to Crouch End straight forward and fast. I regularly see people from the Brixton area or from Euston.

  • Areas within Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in which I have a specialist interest.

    Relationship Difficulties. Maintaining a thoughtful, satisfying relationship with a partner involves hard work, especially when there are children who need love and care to be considered. The need to be a person in your own right and the need to be a thoughtful loving parent can feel overwhelming.

    Creativity.Are you a writer, musician or actor who gets stuck and feels unable to develop a character or a composition? What enables the creative process, and what inhibits this process? I believe a greater knowledge of oneself liberates creativity. I work with writers who have experienced writers’ block and actors and musicians who experience performance anxiety.

    Sexual Difficulties. Do you have concerns about this area of your life? Are you anxious about a lack of sexual desire or feeling depressed because of your sexual performance; maybe you are using internet pornography and becoming anxious because of this activity?

    Choice of Partner: Do you feel unsure of who you are attracted to - someone of the same or opposite sex?

    Traumatic Experiences. Were there experiences in your childhood, or earlier adult life, that were very hard to deal with e.g. sexual, physical, or emotional abuse?

    Examples of other concerns that have influenced people to come to see me.
    Feelings that life is not worth living, loneliness, self-harm, eating disorders, feelings of fear for no obvious reason, lack of confidence, problems at work and panic attacks.

    If you are struggling and feeling alone with a problem, please consider a psychotherapy consultation as a first step to entering psychoanalytic psychotherapy, or focused counselling, in CROUCH END, NORTH LONDON

    NORTH LONDON PSYCHOTHERAPY in CROUCH END - in a safe and confidential setting - and surrounding areas in North London or Central London; near to ISLINGTON, HAMPSTEAD, CAMDEN, EUSTON, HOLLOWAY, UPPER HOLLOWAY, MUSWELL HILL, HIGHGATE and ARCHWAY. Nearest Tubes: FINSBURY PARK, ARCHWAY, HIGHGATE, TURNPIKE LANE, and Via the Victoria line, from Brixton and Euston

    Please feel able to contact me for an informal discussion or to arrange an assessment. I aim to reply within 24 hours. Email link to the left of this page or telephone: 0208-374-7045

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